Original massage

Have you ever heard about erotic massages? Would you like to try that, but you are afraid because you have wife at home? Don´t be afraid, because it is only relaxation procedure, where is not any sex with masseuse. You will come into our salon, which is in capital city of Czech Republic, and you will choose type of your procedure and your masseuse. Then there will be prepare great room for you in which are also baths. You can start your procedure by great aromatic bath, where you can relax. Don´t hesitate and look at our websites, where you can find all our procedures. There are for example tantra procedure, TOP sensual massage and also for example penis procedure.

For all people

And do you want try nuru massage? It is special type, where you can find all great touches and after that you will feel like newborn. There will be masseuse, who will take care about you during all procedure. She will touch you not only by her fingers, but also by her bosoms and all her naked body. It is special practice from Japanese bath, so you will feel all new energy and heat that will bring this procedure.

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